My Big Question Of The Day..

Why do humans think it’s okay to make more pain on a person who is in grieving and who is already in more pain then they can take? And then have the nerve to call you selfish, because they are hurting and in pain over things like not working, being broke, and having a bad […]

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Can this be true?

The reading I got for the love of my life and my daddy. “I’m deeply sorry about your loss. Try getting a pen and paper write down your feelings you could also get a message from then while you do. You’re hurting and I sense anger on destiny. I am sensing your man was a […]

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Fighting to survive

Every single day I fight for my life, every single day I wait for the rip to pop up in my fb news. Every day I fight the urge because I lost so much in the past three months, just over a year ago I was fighting my addiction to be clean and Anthony Michael […]

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Not so perfect world

In a perfect world where their is no pain, no misery, no sadness, and no heartache.. Yeah unfortunately here on earth it’s not a perfect world, because their is pain, their is misery, their is sadness and their is heartache, I am all four and even more then that, I try to be strong, lord […]

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The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton This is what I have in my about me, but I figured I would have this as my journey begins into another chapter of my life and unfortunately without certain people who I never imagined my life without.. So here it goes, […]

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