My Big Question Of The Day..

Why do humans think it’s okay to make more pain on a person who is in grieving and who is already in more pain then they can take?

And then have the nerve to call you selfish, because they are hurting and in pain over things like not working, being broke, and having a bad day or just in a mood, like their pain is worse then the pain of loss? like get a job if your hurting over being broke, is that wrong of me to say? Fix it

I literally write how I feel and tell the world because I used to always hold everything in, but I don’t anymore.. it’s a tad bit harder for me to fix my problems though, because you cannot just get over the loss of the love of your life dying, and then two weeks later your father dies, I was told it’s been long enough, it will never be long enough to mourn their deaths, am I wrong to get pissed off over being told to get over it? Am I wrong for not caring about someone else’s problems?

I understand people have depression, I also understand people have pain, but when I am already in pain myself and I can’t get out of it, why try to talk to me as if I can possibly help the situation when I’m in so much pain that I just don’t care about anyone’s problems but my own because I’m trying to deal with my own life,

So please if anyone had any answers to third or even advice I would love to hear about it, because I don’t know if I am being wrong, and if me being selfish is right but I straight up tell everyone that I don’t care about anyone’s problems because my own problems are too hard to handle that I cannot handle anyone else’s, I used to never put myself first so yeah that may be selfish of me, but at this point I don’t care about anything but my life, my problems, my daughter and my family, that’s all I can even fit into my life right now because my heart is not as big as it once was.

So I just need to hear backs and advice..

Please. 🤷🏼‍♀️


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