Can this be true?

The reading I got for the love of my life and my daddy.

“I’m deeply sorry about your loss. Try getting a pen and paper write down your feelings you could also get a message from then while you do. You’re hurting and I sense anger on destiny. I am sensing your man was a soulmate. Be productive and keep yourself occupied. I feel when you get into the monotony of work, you will feel them around you . They’re with you in spirit. I see you pray for their peace. You’re hurt but use the pain to express yourself creatively . I see a mobile phone   do you re read his texts? I’m getting that you will always know you’ll be loved. When you miss them, look at old messages. I see a fountain or wateror aquarium. Maybe around a place you used to visit and he showing me the night outs you enjoyed. Full of joy. Did he give you a piece of jewelry? I see lanterns and fireworks . Maybe from an event you had. He tells you to live freely he will always in your heart. Did your father have a moustache? Played a sport. He misses you too. Did he carry a  handkerchief with him?  maybe he’s telling you to wipe your tears. I see a boat and you will get out of this pain.”

It sounds like what she is saying is mostly correct, and I just wanna believe that it truly is them both, and spiritually I hope they are with me, I can’t take the pain I feel being without them, it’s like the worst agony of pain in my heart like it’s being ripped out of my chest! And it won’t seem to go away, I continue to talk about it over and over again because it hurts so much, like the pain is so real that I rather die then feel this pain, and I don’t want to die, I want to live, but I want to live without this pain! I am beyond lost and broken, I am damaged and I am confused, I am still in shock, and I still feel like I’m living a nightmare, being without them honestly destroys me inside and out, I always told anthony I could never live without him, he was my other half, and losing half of my soul, it’s like worse then any othe physical pain, I want to feel anything but this heartache, where I feel like my heart is ripping out of my chest and it hurts, it hurts so much I can’t take it sometimes, how does anyone survive this, like I want my baby back! I want to talk to him I want to hear his voice! Why is this happening to me! I try to tell myself it’s gonna get better but it has yet to get any better for me, I am still in so much pain as the day anthony died and the day my dad died, two weeks apart I lost both men I loved more then life itself! And they were taken from me! I just want to know if he’s okay, if they are both okay, if they are happy, if they really are in an afterlife.. is their something else after death!! The most worst feeling, and scariest is the unknown. How can I ever move on when I am still completely in love with him..


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